Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Musick Reviews - AUG. 26, 2008

Okay here’s me trying to play catch up with the mail that I had received during my short 3 state – 3 year excursion.Between mail being forwarded from one p.o. box to the other I’m sure some shit got lost in the mail, misplaced in a move or lifted from my car or “borrowed”and never returned. I don’t really like calling these reviews as I’m sure that most people will find the narrative and points of reference pretty fucking useless.

split 7” (Basement Records, PO Box 511, La Habra, CA 90633-0511 USA)

- NY puck punks Two Man Advantage return with two more hip checking, pogo in the pit friendly anthems. DC mofos Supreme Commander deliver the goods and give you three slabs of black dot era –esque Bad Brains fuesed with a bit of that post HC era of HC (does that even make sense) that was coming out NYHC around the time of ’89. Hard, fast, loud play this 7” at full volume. And if you need to get the digital version for your ipod and shit..welp, you bit the bullet. (7”)

THE RATFINKS “Detroit Fuckers” (Ratfinks, POB 359, Roseville, MI 48066) Solid oi!Ruck ‘n roll. Ratfinks start this disc of with the title track that has that shit kicker sound that made Oxblood’s Under The Boot 7” such a sweet disc back in it’s day. The tone flows into the second track “Fuck Ass”. The working class, boot boy ‘tude is present through out the 13 tracks. I love this shit. If I was to a scribble up “if you like these then listen to this” point of reference –think Subway Thugs, Oxblood fused with the sing a long oi-kaw that was turned out by the seminal American labels Vulture Rock and Headache Records. (cd)

Filthy 42s “Positively South Jersey” (Boot to Head Records, PO Box 9005, PDX, OR 97207) South Jersey’s Filthy 42s remind me a little of Social D, have bits of other Jersey bands that I remember, but that may be an embellishment on behalf of my ears. When the band plays loud,they’re fucking loud. Some of the aggro veers into a poppier (traditional rnr) place where I don’t care to dabble. Solid production and dare I say.. a little over produced. But that’s because I’m a bit biased, struck with tinnitus and prefer to have some shit in my cereal that posses some health risk or another.

v/a“Anti Disco League” (www.tkorecords.com)

Templar Phil compiles a who’s who of the current crop top scene. I know it
sounds like a cliché but there isn’t a week track on this one. A 16 track
global boot party. Fuckin A. BUY THIS!!! (cd)

more “reviews” to come later

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