Sunday, March 14, 2010

shitty weather = scouring for online documentaries

I like documentaries, I don't like shitty weather. I like YOGA unfortunately there is a whole thick layer of cheese that surrounds the "yoga culture." I caught the end of YOGA INC on pbs. Fortunately we can watch the doc for free online. thanks Snag Films. The film deals with McYoga and some screwy characters that have all sorts of marketing strategies in order to make dough from the activity.

Moonshine - The Big Bang Gang

Just got the latest cd from Sweden's Moonshine. 12 tracks of irreverent dissident punk rawk. Loud and well executed it's fantastic to hear that it doesn't resemble any of that sugar coated pop punk shit that Disney radio is trying to shove down your throat. It's not Millencollin and i think we can all thank Beelzebub for that.