Monday, July 12, 2010


I stumbled into the Cunts from a slighty awkward angle. I heard BLACK FAG had some gigs in July 2010. Unfortunately none of which were nearby. Anyway, also on the bill were CUNTSPARRER a tribute of sorts to Cocksparrer - which I suppose you were able to figure out. here's a video, which I'm not exactly sure how I feel about.

Oscar Grant

Despicable shit is one way that you can describe the above video. I heard the argument that the Officer involved with the shooting had mistaken his handgun for his tazer, and was reacting under intense pressure. Umm... if you can't distinguish your firearm from a tazer in the midst of "intense pressure"(and you can see how much resistance was going on in that video). [A guy with his hands in the air, and a guy laying on his stomach with his hands behind his back.] If this scenario was above and beyond "business as usual" and considered too intense, maybe you chose the wrong profession. Maybe instead of police response to such a harsh scenario they should allow Oakland fire department to handle this. They can at least stand the heat of a blazing inferno.