Saturday, April 5, 2008


LEWD the story so far

Since revisionists are only going to retell this story and botch it up miserably, we’d thought we’d tell the tale from our delusion tainted recollections. LEWD began as a rather one sided, one dimensional zine compiled by a rather obtuse three dimensional character on the streets of Strong Island.

Rather than project the flaws onto composite non existent entities, we’ll simply at some points we became disillusioned, disenfranchised, over whelmed with depression, hungry ghosts and all the other materialist torments (both real and imagined) that can lead one astray we hit that rut. Somewhere in the midst of scraping rock bottom a new flame sparked and ignited a whole new mindset.

Ingredients to the new formula was Qi Qong (chi kung), meditation, Buddhism. A book called Dharma Punx. Who knew from altering your breathing that something so profound can come of it (well obviously some one knew and passed the info on to us.. BUT that’s all the technical stuff that we don’t need to explain in this paragraph but maybe further down the scrolling path.. we can get into all that.)

Anyway.. LEWD was/is a punk zine covering punk rock and hardcore.. since this is a zine without a target demographic we can pick and chose what we plan to cover with each issue and our perspective isn’t tainted by our advertisers and new stand placement. Which explains why.. we can cover any music, hardcore, reggae, ska and whatever else we want without missing a beat (pun intended).

AND THIS IS WHY WE’RE BEATING THE REVISIONISTS to the story. Broadening our horizons and not posting barriers has actually caught a little flack. How does a boot boy from the suburbs disappear into the rocky mountains for a year or so and then reappear back on the East Coast with a self proclaimed clear head and something interesting to share??? Well I guess, this is where the crass commercialism comes in. Read the zine and find out.

Now I've blown this question on job interviews. I've said all the wrong things on dates, hell I even lied to my psychotherapist because I was tired of getting shit for not having an answer. HOWEVER, I do have an agenda with a LEWD blogger page. What I want this page to be is an area to promote all the decent bands and causes that are on out there and hopefully sift through the filler.
Obviously, I strongly encourage you to support the labels and radio programs on here, check them out. Tune them in with your fancy cable modems. Never mind the conglomerate clear channel shit that is coming out of your car radio, find the truth and create a solution. Hopefully there are little fragements you'll find that factor into the equation.

You can also read some of my ranting and raving in Under The Volcano fanzineUNDER THE VOLCANO or on UTV'S myspace page
ISSUE .. 1 will be available shortly.


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