Monday, May 26, 2008

@mEriKKK@n idle

Food shortages, a billion dollar a day war, one of the worst national economic climates in quite some time, environmental disarray, a president in power with the worst approval ratings ever. The fuel for what could be a million dead Kennedy clones, or what should be enough fucked up situations that the "music/artist" community should be getting their shit together and putting the 60s protest movement to shame. Should, should, should. but not tonight. Let's focus on the real issues. Who is going to win American idol?

David or David? The great debate that was allegedly occupying the minds of the Amerikkkant Idlin' intellectual sewer. The news channels were devoting their "news" time to present this frat house hazed cookie platter to the (m)asses, with the underlying message that the out come of this would have some profound effect on their candy coated dire existence.

It is important, tune in, phone in and participate. Keep track of the results on your computer, have the latest happening textd to your cell phone. Let the machine know exactly where you are when you are obviously consciously asleep. Let them know how the marketing strategies are working and exactly how much they have to administer.

Skip the real stories because they are boring and depressing. I do not want to have the mental burden of having to think about what I might have to do if there is no more oil, or if the corporate maintained food shortage gets the famine vote by the authorities at the next shareholders meeting. Will I have to get my manicured hands dirty, and work my own crops? I mean geesh... to have to be exposed to other earthen materials is…welps, frightening and discussing. Why can't I open a "punk" fashion and hair salon by "punk rockers" like Pete Wentz?

The thing about this cookie cutter pop poop spunk is the fact that it is so nauseating. The goofed on don't realize that they are on the butt end of the punch line. The line "turning rebellion into money" is no longer ironic. It's a well-constructed coke nose meth lab concoction (I mean recording industry niche). There's all this well penned pr sheets that try to link this factory cultivated bs as having genuine and organic roots in the DIY soil that we've witnessed the machine pulverize and turn into a withered dioxin dump like vast waste land. So you here all this Stockholm syndrome type of speech by co-opted anarcho types to rationalize why it is necessary to do business with people who rammed their asses so hard. The speech often alludes to necessary evils in order to do the greater good. Umm… okay. Nevertheless, don't dare write another street punk anthem calling your new pals to a battle that you yourself know you wouldn't fight.

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